Parent Coordination Services

Recommended for high parental conflict, parent coordination services’ primary goal is to shield the children from parental conflict and loyalty binds.

A loyalty bind occurs when two people disagree and each expects a third party (child) to support them over the other. Loyalty conflicts are extremely psychologically damaging for children, adolescents, and even adult children, despite how the children may respond.

 It’s a hybrid approach combining family law and mental health and a non-confidential process, which allows for monitoring and facilitating cooperation between the homes. Parent coordination services may be utilized pre or post divorce. The benefits to your family can be immeasurable, as it reduces the stress on both the parents and children to minimize litigation and assists children in adjusting to their two homes.

Parent coordination services combine assessment, education, case management, mediation, and, at times, arbitration functions when granted authority by the court. A parent coordinator meets the children at least once in order to understand their needs and maintain a child-focused process. Parents attend joint meetings.  

Parent coordination services are similar to  co-parenting counseling in that both improve the coparenting relationship and assist parents in re-aligning their relationship while minimizing stress for  children. Both focus on effective communication, conflict resolution, children’s developmental issues, and children’s issues of divorce.

Parent coordination services are unique to co-parenting counseling in that it is non-confidential, which is more effective in high-conflict cases. The non-confidential nature of parenting coordination allows the professional to provide information to attorneys and at times the court.  As a result, the parent coordinator has a greater ability to implement interventions aimed at improvements in the parental team. A co-parent counselor’s ability to assist parents is hampered by their inability to report to the court and more suited for mild to moderate parental conflict.

Christi is certified by The Cooperative Parenting Institute as a Parent Coordinator and provides individual consultations to both parents.

Please see resources page for more information and guides for divorcing parents.

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