Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling with children, adolescents, adults, and their families

Giving children, adolescents, and adults the emotional tools to navigate themselves, their relationships, and their outside worlds is an empowering gift. The resilience that comes with these skills allows them to move through their world with increased ease stemming from knowing how to handle all difficult emotions from joy to sorrow.

By starting young and helping children and adolescents create a better understanding of themselves (mind, body and spirit), they start to develop resilience and emotional intelligence, which encompasses five core components: self awareness, self regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skills.

Each counseling session is unique and caters to the individual and their specific goals. It is common to schedule a series of biweekly sessions and each session lasts 55-minutes. 

Counseling can be short-term, focusing on a specific issue, or longer-term addressing more complex issues and ongoing personal growth. With a willingness to take responsibility and work towards mindful self-compassion, counseling fosters increased self-awareness and positive and lasting behavioral change. 

Counseling provides a safe, neutral, and compassionate space to allow for growth and change. Skills learned in counseling may include among others finding resolution to the issues that brought one to counseling; learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety; managing anger, grief, and depression; improving communication and listening skills; understanding and changing unhelpful behaviors; and increasing feelings of worth and resiliency.

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