Co-Parenting Counseling

“Divorce does not have to be traumatic for the children. Grief and pain are inevitable and the parents and stepparents get to choose whether their families rise or fall after divorce. It is absolutely possible to create a healthy family paradigm where children experience positive relationships with both parents and respective families and foster emotional intelligence, respect, cooperation, and  feelings of worthiness and belonging within their children at an even greater capacity. ” Christi Zerega, LPC

Co-Parenting counseling is a child-focused, non-adversarial, and non-confidential process that provides the opportunity for parents to understand and learn basic principles on how to create a new family paradigm that is healthy and positive for the entire family.

Co-parenting counseling helps parents learn to communicate effectively and efficiently in a business-like manner and leaves out emotions in order to solely focus on the children.

Having a third party present can be instrumental in realigning the co-parent relationship and learning to cooperate with each other. 

Co-parenting counseling is structured into two parts; the first part is helping to restructure the parents’ communication so they can learn to communicate more effectively and safely approach each other either in person or in writing. The second part addresses coparenting issues involving children. The primary goals are for co-parents to learn effective communication patterns, shield the children from adult matters, and facilitate the relationship the children share with their other parent.

  When co-parenting counseling succeeds, children respond positively and many of the problematic issues that are exacerbated through the process of divorce dissipate rather quickly.

Christi is certified by The Cooperative Parenting Institute as a Co-Parenting Counselor and provides individual consultations to both parents.

Please see resources page for more information and guides for divorcing parents.

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